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CAD to Revit Conversion


BimSrv has a team of experienced Architects and Engineers who are expert Revit Modellers. This expertise along With domain experience, our modellers are able to convert your CAD Drawings with great accuracy.

Converting CAD to Revit is neither simple nor an automatic process. This is a manual process and requires great domain expertise to fill up the gaps in CAD Drawings.

Experienced Architects and Engineers understand your drawings and their intent. It is also important to precisely define:

  • The objectives of the Revit Model.
  • How the completed is to be used.
  • What are the LOD requirements for the Revit Model?
  • Revit Modelling standards to be followed.

Your CAD Drawings or sketches must have the required information to develop the Revit Models to the required LOD Level

Uses of CAD to Revit Conversion

Project Model

CAD Drawings are typically converted to a Revit model where you want to deliver your project using Revit or a project needs to be delivered using BIM

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